Our Story

Approximately fifteen years ago the owners Scott and Wayne did nothing particularly unusual, in listening to the lament of a friend. Having experienced the insatiable need for caffeine early in the morning and enduring brisk walks to the nearest cafe, suggesting how convenient a drive thru coffee location would be, was an idea they thought had merit.

Like so many others, they too had lined up with multiple caffeinated options at the ready, scrutinising the clock ticking as the working day threatened to commence.

Ruminating on how convenient a drive thru outlet serving quality coffee would be, they decided to pursue the idea further.

The success of Wicked Brew is no accident as Scott & Wayne dedicating endless hours of research into the business model that has succeeded in other markets. Their genuine love of coffee, coupled with keen palettes, took them on a year-long journey of cupping (tasting coffees in a similar manner to wine). Their approach paid off with the eight bean Premium World Blend offering perfection in a cup.

Finding a drive thru location turned out harder than expected due to lack of suitable sites. During this period their coffee beans were promoted and sold via an internet shop.

Eleven years ago, those conversations and reflections manifested into Wicked Brew Coffee, the first drive through coffee outlet in the Redlands. With qualified chef Wayne as co-owner, they oversee a staff of 15 who work at the Capalaba.

With the most critical factor in place, Wayne married his culinary knowledge with Scott's understanding of the busy professional, to devise a workable menu of breakfast and lunch items. Whilst the drive through facility attracts the busy tradesperson, the time poor executive and the mobile salespeople, the ambient indoors with plenty of seating offers a welcoming retreat for intimate business conversation or quiet reflection with friends.

Possibly one of the most appealing factors is for the busy parent who, desperate for quality coffee on the way to the daily drop off or Saturday sport, can rejoice in the convenience of not having the battle with kids in and out of seatbelts, queues and cars, not to mention the variety of juices and snacks that satisfy those eternally ravenous appetites.

A genuine commitment to service sees Scott being hands on, beside his manager and team of acutely professional, infectiously friendly, well-presented staff.